Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 05

Event: Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat ClubRace Number: Aggregate 10
Protesting Boat: Race CommitteeProtested Boat: C2015
Submitted Date/time:  15 Jan 2022 16:31
Hearing Details: Interfering with Ferry

Facts Found


  1. The breeze was approximately 190 degrees at 16-22 knots.

  2. Georgia was on starboard tack sailing at approximately 6 knots, heading through the Sorrento channel, from Pt King towards the 5 knot zone. 

  3. Commercial Ferry ‘Queenscliff’ is a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre, as indicated by the appropriate day shapes displayed on the vessel.

  4. Queenscliff heading in the same easterly direction as Georgia (approaching Georgia from astern) at significantly greater speed. The course of Queenscliff is to slow, turn to port and back into her wharf.

  5. The race committee was in radio contact with Queenscliff. The race committee boat went to Georgia and asked her to pass to the stern of Queenscliff. The skipper of Georgia did not hear the request. 

  6. After a single sound signal at approximately Pt King, Queenscliff did not make any other sound signals in the time.

  7. Georgia monitored the relative location of Queenscliff as she approached and passed Sorrento Pier. Georgia sailed a course closer to the pier than it’s proper course.

  8. Queenscliff slowed, and then increased its speed prior to commencing its turn to port. The closest distance between the boat and the vessel was 150m.

  9. As at the time of the hearing, there has been no complaint lodged by the ferry operators with the club.



  1. Georgia did not have a reasonable apprehension of interfering with the ferry, therefore was not required by NoR/SI 24.1 to use her motor to stay clear.

  2. IRPCAS applies between Georgia and Queenscliff (RRS Part 2 preamble).

  3. Queenscliff was an overtaking vessel (IRPCAS 13) that was in a channel and Georgia was required to not impede Queenscliff as she was a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre (IRPCAS 9(b)).  Queenscliff’s obligations in respect to Georgia remained (IRPCAS 9(d)(ii)).

  4. Georgia kept to the starboard side of the channel (closer to the pier) and Queenscliff kept clear of Georgia by modifying her speed throughout the incident. Neither Georgia nor Queenscliff breached IRPCAS.

Rule(s) applicable

 NoR/SI 24.1, RRS Part 2 preamble, IRPCAS 13, IRPCAS 9(b)), IRPCAS 9(d)(ii)


 Protest dismissed

Jury Members

 Paul Pascoe, David Brookes, Richard Slater




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