Hearing Decision

Hearing Number: 02

Event: Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat ClubRace Number: New Year's Day Passage Race
Protesting Boat: C21Protested Boat: C31
Submitted Date/time:  01 Jan 2022 16:46
Hearing Details: Mark room

Facts Found


  1. The boats approached the mark on a converging course.

  2. Both were on starboard tack at the zone.

  3. At the zone Duchess C21 was clear ahead of Lucy C31.

  4. C21 gybed onto port inside the zone.

  5. Abeam of the mark the boats made contact ‘beam to beam’.

  6. Neither boat took a penalty

  7. There was no damage



  1. C31 was clear astern at the time C21 reached the zone and failed to give C21 mark-room, and broke RRS 18.2(b).

  2. C21 on port failed to keep clear of C31 on starboard, and broke RRS 10.

  3. C21 the boat sailing within the mark-room she was entitled to did not act to avoid contact when it became clear C31 was not giving mark-room. C21 broke RRS 14

  4. Since C21 broke RRS 10 while she was sailing within the mark-room to which she was entitled, she is exonerated under RRS 43.1(b) for this breach.

  5. ?Since C21 was sailing within the mark-room to which she was entitled and the contact did not cause damage or injury, she is exonerated under RRS 43.1(c) for breaking RRS 14.




Rule(s) applicable

 10.14,18.2(b), 43.1(b), 43.1(c)


 C31 DSQ

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