After Racing Plan

Type of Communication Information
Number:  28
Issued Date:  15 Dec 2023 11:52

We’ll all be working together for pack up after racing today:

  • Don’t go up to the upper carpark until your boat is ready to load on a trailer
  • Car park zone is for when boats are ready to load
  • Cars enter park zone Anti Clockwise (Trailer is loaded from the east)

If not boxing or loading today – please stay on the beach –

  • WA will box tonight in their Western Corner
  • International Boats will box tonight – Please try and be under the deck – or other space – leave the passage up the driveway clear
  • SSCBC boats please stay on the beach
  • WASZP Charter boats – please wash and dry – they will be packed tomorrow

Closing Ceremony is planned for 7.30 pm


Ben Fels - Organising Authority

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