Information regarding Rule 42 (pumping etc)

Type of Communication Jury
Number:  12
Issued Date:  10 Dec 2023 10:43

The on water jury will be following the guidance on Rule 42 (pumping etc) provided by the Class Association (see link below).

We would like to highlight the following:

"C.1.1 RRS 42.3(C)(2) is amended to read: to initiate foiling:
(i) the sail may be pulled in any number of times; and/or
(ii) repetitive body movements may be used providing the crew is fully positioned within the wing frame and is not in direct contact with any part of the rig other than the mainsheet."

"C.1.2 These actions shall not be used to gain an advantage other than to initiate foiling.", i.e. they must not be used to propel the boat

"You can pump at any time to initiate foiling providing foiling is possible.", i.e. pumping is permissible to initiate but not maintain foiling. If you are coming off the foil, you may not pump again until your hull has touched the water.

"What if foiling is not possible? You must not pump.", i.e. when lowriding downwind when there is no chance of foiling, no pumps are permitted.

"How long do I have to initiate foiling? 
From the first pump, you have 5 seconds to foil. If you are not foiling after 5 seconds, you must stop or you go directly to the ‘red light’ area (read "penalty"). If after 5 seconds, your hull is just clearing the water, you are allowed an extra 2 seconds to get the boat to full height. Once the boat is at full height, regardless of time, you must stop pumping."


Paul Pascoe
Jury Chairman

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