Adjustments to Boat Handicaps

Type of Communication Technical Committee
Number:  3
Issued Date:  20 Oct 2022 18:19

The National Championships will be using the common adjustment parameters of the CBA and apply them to the Handicaps for this weekend's racing.

This means that adjustments will be made for changes to include particularly skilled crew or new and changed equipment such as new sails or balast changes.

The Technical Committee has assesed all known or declared changes and published them on the link below. If there are any further changes or differences, please submit them using the link and they will be considered by the Techncal Committee.

Base handicaps (without adjustmmets) have been determined by the Handicap Committee and they will be updated with all of the adjustments and published prior to racing.



Ben Fels - Technical Committee - Couta Boat Association

  Notifications of crew and equipment changes

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