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Issued Date:  10 Jun 2022 12:30

WELCOME - It's really Midwinter already

One more sleep until the Mr Trampoline Midwinters.

The latest forecasts are even breezier for Saturday- but Sunday is looking good.

We will communicate again after the model updates this evening, but here is the current thinking for Saturday by fleet.

  • Opti Green - The whole weekend is unsuitable for them.
  • Opti Intermediate - Looks highly unlikely to get on the water on Saturday.
  • Opti Open - It might be possible that an on water session is done, but racing is in doubt.
  • REGARDLESS - OPTIs will be doing on land theory in the Sailing Tent if they can't sail.
  • Laser 4.7 - Quite marginal to race - but a very well supported on water training session may be possible
  • Laser Radial - The fleet is mixed similar to 4.7s but on a boat by boat basis
  • We have lots of support and safety resources
  • We are not giving up on the regatta - Sunday looks quite sailable.
  • Outs on the water we’ll assess how boats are handling the conditions, considering wind strength guidelines, but focusing on how capably boats are handling the conditions.
  • We respect each boat’s decision to race.
  • We are tring to balance "let's race if it's possible" with "if / when it's inevitably futile - accept it and communicate the decision"


Please join the WhatsApp group - we will push out any updates and Information through here https://chat.whatsapp.com/KGZSMOS63VFB5FTEmxty7y


The Supplementary Sailing Instructions have been posted. The course is simple and will stay the same for each race.


We are redeveloping the clubhouse, so there are some space limitations. When you arrive we will have reserved trailer bays in the upper carpark to get your boat off. Trailers can be parked in the lower carpark or taken home.

When you arrive we’ll help to unload your boat and take it down the ramp to the beach.

The beachside clubhouse is operating for coffee and food, egg and bacon rolls, toasties, muffins etc..  and there is a beautiful seafood paella special being served straight from the pan.

PAELLA -  https://www.instagram.com/p/CedUlKos9GQ/

BYO on Lavender Hill

Over the past couple of months, we have been working closely with the relevant authorities in relation to extending our temporary liquor licence during the clubhouse redevelopment. Unfortunately, we were advised yesterday of an unexpected hurdle, resulting in the Club being unable to serve alcohol this weekend. Members are welcome to BYO and enjoy on Lavender Hill (only). No alcohol can be consumed inside the marquee. 


Just ask or ask for us!

Ben, David, Julia and Jack   





Ben Fels - Sailing Manager

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