Notice to Competitors No. 3

Type of Communication Information
Number:  3
Issued Date:  15 Dec 2019 16:30

Incorrect Application of Bow Number

  • SI 22.1.3. requires all boats to display bow numbers
  • Notice to Competitors No. 2 provides the detailed instructions for application of these stickers
  • It is clear from the practice race that certain competitors have not applied their bow numbers in accordance with those instructions, putting the numbers towards the stern of the boat as opposed to towards the bow
  • This is in contravention of SI 22.1.3. and Notice to Competitors No. 2 and subject to Discretionary Penalty which may be applied from Race 1 onwards
  • If you are a sailor who has not applied your bow number in the correct fashion, please be warned and please fix them before Race 1
  • Replacement stickers are available from the Race Office on a first come first served basis

Mark Taylor
Principal Race Officer

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