CBA States Notice to Competitors

Type of Communication Change to Sailing Instructions
Number:  58
Issued Date:  28 Dec 2022 17:13
  • Briefing at 10.30
  • 1st Warning Signal 12:00
  • Finger Food after Racing
  • Appendix UF Couta Boat Association 2022-23 Season Edition shall apply
  • SI 8.1 is chaned to "After 4 races are complete, a boat's worst score shall be excluded"
  • Event Merchandise will be provided to boats that have signed on via the Sailing Hub - you can sign on now for tomorrow.
  • Please remember to declare any changes to crew and equipment ASAP and before the briefing. 
  • We still reviewing weather for the number of races tomorrow and what the best timing for Friday is: scheduled for 11:00 but the afternoon may be better. - Further advice will follow.

Ben Fels - Sailing Manager

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