Winter Series Special

Type of Communication Change to Sailing Instructions
Number:  45
Issued Date:  21 May 2022 15:09

Change to Scoring System as provided for in RRS 90.3(a)

In the event that the weather conditions are unsuitable for boats to complete the current lap of the race, the race committee may consider the fairness of the event for each division and the course may be retrospectively shortened at the last mark that boats were recorded with a rounding time and scored at that mark.

This changes RRS 28, 32, 35, A3, A4, A5, NOR/SI 8.2

A boat may not request redress for this action or this change to sailing instructions this changes RRS 60.1 (b)

We used this concept successfully for the Next Gen race when the breeze was anticipated to fade out and it worked well. This gives us the ability to score part of a race as a race if the conditions later become unsuitable.  Feedback from every one is welcome - The winter series is a good place to test this.

The weather looks really nice and fingers crossed we have enough breeze to get a result.


Ben Fels - Sailing Manager

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