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Winter Series

Coming Sunday we’ll be back for the winter series.

Last season the winter series had a bit of a reset and we had more boats racing than in previous seasons and it was great fun.

Racing is 11:00 Sundays 19 & 26 May and 2 & 9 June, so you can still plan afternoon things, you’re not taking up a whole day of the weekend.



  • Getting crew – or willing skippers - is more difficult.

  • This is exacerbated in Div 1 that sail with bigger crews.

  • We’ve reset “Crew Matching” in the sailing hub, so if you are available to crew or looking to crew, please add a listing.

  • We’ll also put weekly updates out on WhatsApp about boats that need crew.

  • Handicaps will generally not be adjusted for crew changes in this series, and it doesn’t affect your handicap for next season.

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Good Simple Racing

  • Clubhouse starts are planned which means less time getting to the racing area.

  • The actual courses will be set for the conditions and who is racing – So we will have a mix of course format options and as we get a picture for the day we will be able to work out what’s best for the fleet.

  • One comment we are mindful of is to have good racing but manage complexity / intensity if boats are sailing with less, new, or less experienced crew.

  • 1000 briefings for 1100 Warning signals – about 70 minutes racing, on the shorter side if the conditions are difficult.


Social / Clubhouse

  • After racing, try out our F&B offerings for sailors on the deck! 

  • We will offer hot buttered rum or hot soup - both for $6. 



Ben Fels - Racing Director

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