Handicaps following the last race

Type of Communication Technical Committee
Number:  144
Issued Date:  27 Apr 2024 09:45

Last week's race was very long and had a significant finish time window that saw the algorithmyn produce some excessive handicap adjustments we have not seen all season, if at all.

The Handicap Committee observed that these unusual circumstances would have a highly distorting effect on the current series as well as future series.

Procedurally the Club Captain did not take part in the discussions and decisions of the committee as there could be a percieved conflict of interest.

The committee (excluding the Club Captain) examined many options and concluded that the fairest handicapping approoach, for all boats, was to dampen the percentage of the race used to calculate the next race handicaps.

Accordingly the Allocated Handicaps have been recalculated.



Ben Fels - Racing Director
on behalf of the Handicap Committe

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