NOR 1.6 (Appendix UF) is deleted - Introduction of Umpire Observation

Type of Communication Notice of Race
Number:  140
Issued Date:  30 Mar 2024 12:05

NOR 1.6 (Appedix UF) is deleted.

The following proceedures for Umpire Observation will apply to Couta Boat racing.

Umpire Observation

There needs to be an option where some of the racing is observed by those knowledgeable in the rules and opinions regarding incidents are promptly communicated to boats. While Umpiring offer this, it is not suitable / viable for large fleets or fleets with limited resources. Below are clauses that may be included in the NoR or SI’s for a regatta to allow for limited on-water rules enforcement. These are adapted from language that has been used in the past and found to work.

X         Umpire Observation

X.1      Umpires may observe the racing and to provide advisory umpire decisions. If they observe an incident where a boat protests, they will make one of the following signals:

(a)        A green and white flag with one long sound means ‘The umpires saw the incident and believe that no rule was broken’.

(b)       A red flag with one long sound means ‘The umpires saw the incident and believe that one or more boat has broken a rule’. The umpires will hail or signal each boat identified to have broken a rule.

(c)        A “J” flag with one long sound means ‘The umpires are unable to make a decision’.

X.2      The signals displayed by the umpires are for information only. If a red flag is displayed, the identified boat is not obliged to take the applicable penalty, however if they do not, in addition to the ability for a boat to protest, the Protest Committee may protest that boat. If a green and white flag or the “J” flag is displayed, a boat may still protest, or a boat may choose to take the applicable penalty.

X.3      When the umpires displayed a green and white flag for an incident, the Protest Committee will only protest a boat for that incident as allowed by rule 60.3(a) (1) and (2).


Ben Fels - Racing Director

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