WASZP Entries

T Dwyer Sunbrero Blank Syc
J Felsenthal Charter World Yachting Holidays 1 RBYC
A Conway TBA 32 RBYC
D Quinlan Carbon AUS2182 RBYC
M Ablett KA SAIL 2186 Mordialloc Sailing Club
C Green Mustang On 2187 Indented Head YC
P Fleming Lick the stamp AUS2192 Safety Beach
L Hughes Winston 2451 SYC/RBYC
P Distefano Cosmo 2453 Sandringham yc
T Klemens Tk 2458 Sscbc
L Edleston Thumper AUS 2485 BYS
J Abbott Squizzy Taylor 2660 SSCBC

Number of entries: 12