Protest Decision

Protest Number: 01

Event: Race Number: 
Protesting Boat: 809Protested Boat: 220
Protest Details: Port/Starboard

Facts Found


  1. Minnow 809 on starboard tack made contact with Optimist 220 on port tack causing significant damage.

  2. 809 was unable to complete races 2,3,4,5,6 due to the damage sustained.

  3. Neither boat was racing but both boats were in the vicinity of the racing area between races.

  4. 809 was unable to avoid contact with 220 when it became clear that 220 was not keeping clear.



809 received physical damage because of the action of a boat not racing that was required to keep clear (RRS 62.1(b)).

Rule(s) applicable




809 awarded redress for races 2,3,4,5,6 based on the finishing place of 809 in races 1, plus all races conducted subsequent to Race 6.

Jury Members

 Paul Green (Chairman), Christina Heydon, Tony Stephen