Event Notifications Setup

Email broadcasts
Return Email ID If email notifications are being sent, what is the return email address to be used
What type of Emails will be sent? Results  Press Releases  Event InformationEvent information is usually for competitors
Twitter UserID
Twitter Password
Internal Text Messages
Admin Text messages Yes NoTypically used to send to competitors and volunteers
Public Subscription Text Messages
Public SMS Text messages Yes NoAvailable for the public to sign up
Return Phone Number This phone number has to be pre-registered with BvIT to work. Email info@bvit.com.au
Registration Cost Enter cost in cents, i.e. 500 for $5.00
Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
Event Information e.g. The XXX event will run between XX & XX. Messages will be sent after each race.
Number of Text messages Sent 0
  • This program is used to setup Email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS Text message variables.
  • Messages can be setup either by internal Admin people only
    "Racing has been postponed while waiting for wind. Expect the first race to start at 3pm" or "There will be one more race for the day", etc